We represent Vasson for our range of additives for wine and olive markets. www.vason.it.

Wine Products:

  • Range of yeast and fermentation nutrients.
  • Enzymes and Gelatin for flotation.
  • Tannins and aroma preservation.

Olive Products:

96-98% of the oil is found in the flesh (mesocarp) and skin (epicarp). The remaining oil is found in the pit (endocarp). The majority of the oil is located in the oil is located in the vacuoles but the bound oils is not accessible in the extraction process and is therefore lost in the waste. When processing, the oil that has been done by the natural enzymes contained in the olive fruit.

You are now able to retrieve more of this “lost oil’. This can be achieved when enzymes are added to the malaxing process to break down the bound cells to release extra oil that would have normally been disposed of with the waste.

  • Vason have a product EXTRA OIL which when added to the malaxer can give up to 5% additional yield.
  • The dosage is 150-250 gram/ton and it diluted with water 1:10.
  • See enclosed data sheet.

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