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Our fully equipped workshop can manufacture any auxiliary equipment you may require ie elevators, sorting tables, tank stands etc.
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The following books may be of interest to you:

  • Olive Production in South Africa, Cr Carlo Costo
  • Olives and Oils in South Africa, Wendy Flanagen and Reni Hildenbrand
  • An Introduction to Olive Oil Processing , Julian Ancher

Most often asked question

Olive tree spacing/Hectar

Traditional 8mx5m =250 trees
8mx4m =312 trees
Medium Intensive 7mx4m =357 trees
6mx4m =416 trees
Intensive 6mx3m =555 trees
Super Intensive 3mx1.35m =2470 trees

Specific Gravity of Olive Oil

1L of oil weigh 0.16kg
1kg of oil is 1.1L

Olive Oil Yield

A kg of olives will give a range of oil yield from 13.0- 24% depending on cultivar, ripeness and water content.
Generally Mission olives will give the lowest yield.

Olive Oil Classification

  • Extra Virgin, free acidity below 0.8% and no defects.
  • Virgin, free acidity below 2% and minimum defects.
  • Cold pressed/ extracted, milled below 30˚C.
  • Olive Oil/ Pure Olive Oil, has been refined and many natural components lost.
  • Light Olive Oil, refers to colour not less kj and is refined.
  • Pomace Oil, Solvent extracted with chemicals from the pomace.

Note: Olive Oil can be used for frying
For more information visit www.oilsource.com

Two Phase vs Three phase decanter

Two phase separates pulp and water together and the other discharge is oil. Has a slower process with higher quality as no water added.
Three phase separates pulp/ water/ oil independently and gives faster production but water must be added to the process. Consequently polyphenials are washed out of the oil.