Harvesting and Pruning Equipment

Olive and Wine Specialists can supply you with a wide range of harvesting options as follows:

Plastic Rakes

Plastic with 7 fingers and can be attached to a wooden pole for additional reach

Coima Electrical Harvesting/ Pruners

We have a range of these very efficient, rolust and easy to use unit at our Paarl Office.
We will gladly supply a unit for you to trial and establish the best design to suit your trees.
The battery last the day in the field and can then be charged overnight for use the next day.
An indication of output would be ±120kg/hr and the extendable shaft can reach 3m long.

Link to www.coimaitaly.com

Viviani Oli-Picker and catching System

Already we have this unit in South Africa and it fits onto most of our tractor hydraulics and needs 50-60 HP.
Can remove 100% of olives with minimum leaves and suitable on all terrains. Max height of 10m and can remove 4000kg/day.
Viviani also have a very clever net system to collect the olives with minimum labour.

Link to www.mipeviviani.it

Harvesting Nets

Olive and Wine Specialists can supply a catching net specially manufactured to suit your tree spacing.
Light and easy to move a variety of sizes to suit your grove i.e. 9x9, 6x6, 4.5x4.5.
Nets feature webbed edges with Velco split and central tie system.